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Interview with Jordan Glazier, Wildfire Systems

Anyone knows that word-of-mouth recommendations–whether from friends, family, or influencers–carries a huge amount of weight when you’re making purchasing decisions. So, if you’re a marketer, how do you track and encourage those…[more]

December 11, 2018, socalTECH.com

Jordan Glazier’s Wildfire Systems Helps Consumers Profit From Product Recommendations

“I have built businesses across pretty much every different way that a business can make money online,” says e-commerce veteran and founding CEO of Wildfire Systems, Jordan Glazier. The startup’s patent pending system, Wildlink, uses…[more]

October 31, 2018, Forbes

E-Commerce Startup Asks Users to Play Favorites

Say you had a friend visiting from out of town. Where would you tell them to stay, shop and eat? Jordan Glazier, founder of San Diego-based Wildfire Systems Inc., is counting on these recommendations for a new e-commerce platform that…[more]

October 17, 2018, San Diego Business Journal

This App Actually Pays You When Guests Buy From Your Registry, No Strings Attached

It’s the ultimate wedding win-win. You pick your registry must-haves, guests buy them for you as wedding gifts, and you make a profit from their purchases—using the Wildlink app, that is. Say hello to the brand that’s changing…[more]

October 11, 2018, Brides

Monetizing Word of Mouth With Wildlink

There’s no better traffic referral for stores than word of mouth. Today, that translates to sharing on social media. But instead of relying on organic reach, a new company named Wildfire Systems wants to turn those recommendations into a money maker…[more]

September 20, 2018, WWD

App will pay you for product recommendations

Don’t try to make money off my online behavior — unless, of course, I get a commission. That’s the idea behind San Diego startup Wildfire Systems, which released an app Wednesday to help internet users make money from conversations…[more]

September 19, 2018, San Francisco Chronicle