Travel With Wildlink: Good for the Soul, Good for the Wallet

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I believe that most folks value a healthy work/life balance. Nothing new in that knowing we can tend to be heads down laser focused on a project(s) at hand and in some cases become less productive in all categories of life. Often without recognizing the need to come up for air. The struggle is real.

The great balancing act is carving out time in which to genuinely step away, decompress, recreate, rest and recharge are critical to mitigate a head down pressure cooker like environment in giving it your best effort. Though budget continues to be a factor and, in many cases, a deterrent in taking self time. So we do what’s easier, keep our heads down and work. CNBC reported in May that Half of Americans won’t take a vacation this summer—and not just because they can’t afford it.

While work and our professional life typically may define most people’s overall success, I think we would all agree “wish I’d spent more time with family & friends,” not be engraved on our headstone.

In an Inc. article from 2015, Are You Overworking? 9 Signs That You’re on Track for a Breakdown, the key is recognizing the symptoms while being mindful of one’s health. Part of maintaining a positive balance is acting on activities other than work. Fueling a healthy work/life balance by identifying passions outside the office, with family and others. Travel is a great place to start the shift to better balance the two.

Travel certainly doesn’t have to be dictated by time of year, especially when keeping options open. Even if for a weekend get-away or a weekend staycation. Finally going for it by booking that hotel you’ve been eyeing for a while or planning that travel bundle package. They can seem out of reach even after doing all the requisite research and shopping the sales from hotel group to air carrier, etc.

No reason you must get on the road. Staycations are great too. Keep it local, patronize businesses in your area and simply take some down time at home, in the community or where ever brings you peace and fulfillment. No matter the choice you make, get out there or in there and get it done. Life is far too short to stay in a single lane the entire ride.

In keeping your options flexible, I am thrilled that we partner with many top travel sites, including Expedia’s Travelocity, Orbitz, and in Wildlink. I am regularly asked by friends and family about travel ideas, plans, and thoughts on various properties and destinations. Now I can share those with a Wildlink. When they book and stay, I earn some cash. Booking through Wildlink, can soften the blow on the final folio. That’s cool considering that could pay for a round of drinks, dinner or even a night’s stay for simply recommending something.

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